This page will assist Unit Training Managers in completing and submitting the AF Form , Classification/On-the-Job Training Action, for Air. Fill Af Form , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. Classifications office noting additions, deletions, or errors by suspense date provided in email. ▫ Losing unit is responsible to provide AF Form to MPS for.

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All products are considered standard products. Do you need info about services, banking, child iimt, education, and so forth? The two primary types of insurance are term and whole life.

Who is eligible for a US military decoration? Will your family members accompany you and what are their names,ages,and interests? Which of the following types of insurance does the government not offer? What form is utilized to document and make the member aware of an ADSC? What does the duty status data provide? Retraining requirements are determined by Air Staff, and career field managers. To ensure personnel managers have current information.

For officers, all of the following can look at unfavorable information files UIF -commanders at all levels for members assigned or attached to their unit. A respondent is not required, but is encouraged to complete surveys. The basic allowance for subsistence BAS is based in the historic origins of the military in which the military provided what two items? Or an information manager may be appointed if a personnelist is not assigned. You can locate the form used to apply for a correction to military records at all of the following locations.


Officers who are subject to recoupment must sign what? Standard products include what type of products? On what date did the payment reduction cease? Air Force policy is to retain Airmen who demonstrate the ability to successfully complete training and whose past record clearly justifies further investment.

A reassignment or deferment request must be initiated by the member. The Survivor Benefit Plan SBP annuity paid is paid to a surviving spouse until the spouse dies, but is suspended upon remarriage before age Who does the dependent travel to a designated place with an approved overseas follow-on assignment apply to? What responsibilities does the survey respondent have?

Pass complete!

What is the principal role of life insurance? Who in the military personnel section is responsible for notifying commanders of promotion selection and nonselection?

Administrative qualification is a PRP screening process to help ensure military personnel meet PRP standards before departing for training or assignments to PRP duties. What is the enlisted assignment preference not used for? The UIF is an official record of unfavorable information about an individual. What two agencies does duty status data provide a clear picture to? What factor below is the essential station messing ESM entitlement not based on?

What is the intent of MAP and tools? What does the UPMR show? Who administers the officer promotion program? Once the member inprocesses, no-fee passports are collected by a personnelist. Commanders must consider separation for all Airmen before initiating retraining.

Free Military Flashcards about 3S vol 3

Officers must meet with their immediate commander or supervisor before applying for separation to schedule the separation and consider their preference ad interests of the Air Force. Once you retrieve identification ID cards, you may do all of the following -destroy.


The enlisted assignment preference is used for continental United States or overseas assignments. Enlisted personnel at government expense.

What two types of insurance are there?

The unit manpower document UMD is a product that provides the authorized positions that a unit is allowed to recruit, train and promote. Output products associated with all enlisted promotion programs are produced and must ikt monitored jointly by PSM and the career development element. What two items will the career development element update in the vOP?

What can a LOD determination impact?

Leave is a paid vacation from duty for recreation and relief from the pressures of job related duties. An Airman submitting a dependent travel to a designated place DTDP application must have all of the following. What are the Casualty Services program objectives? The UPMR is a cross between an alpha roster and the unit fa document. Do not submit recommendations in a token effort to what?

The SRP applies to all enlisted personnel. Who is responsibility for preparing the relocation folder?

Personnel System Management manager. That with the impending loss of unit personnelists, they may wish to review their policies regarding PIF creation and maintenance. Which of the following output products does not generate during personnel reliability 20096 PRP processing? This program applies to Airmen without an approved follow-on assignment. Occupational surveys, internal reporting requirements, surveys of course graduates, official audit surveys, surveys requiring OMB approval, and single-base surveys initiated by an installation or unit commander.

A personalized letter from your commander and your own personal letter.