AFI 44-121 PDF

Supersedes AFI , 1 January Pages: Distribution: F. This Air Force Instruction (AFI) establishes guidance for the Air Force. Information derived from AFPAMV1 and Air Force Instruction Members of the Air Force are held to the highest standards of. Per AFI , substance abuse education is mandated for: ▫ Member arriving at first permanent duty assignment. ▫ Every new assignment.

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CourtListener is a project of Free Law Projecta federally-recognized c 3 non-profit. This is a mixed question of law and fact.

In light of this, we will consider her supplemental ruling as setting forth the findings of fact and conclusions of law. Article 62 bUCMJ. Zfi is no prohibition for such a process; and it makes little sense to prohibit a military trial judge from issuing revised rulings and orders that may correct errors, provide more detailed findings of facts, better reasoned conclusions of law, or even incorporate new appellate decisions issued after the initial decision.

We also see no prejudice to the Government from these events given the timing of the supplemental filing. The aif, however, indicates that the commander in this case went beyond the requirements of AFI in at least one material sense. It would be a far stretch indeed to ignore that practical reality and interpret into the investigation exception the same notice requirement that the military judge read into the exception at issue here.

I concur that we have not yet reached a point where a computer can, without more, generate a military obligation.

For this proposition, the Government relies on United States v. She then suppressed statements Appellee made to his first sergeant, statements he made in the emergency room within the hearing of another 444-121 officer, and the results of a urinalysis 44–121 through a search authorization which relied on those statements. The Government contends that the military judge does not possess this reconsideration authority, as part of her authentication of a record of proceedings prepared for use in a government appeal under Article 62, UCMJ, when that authentication occurs after the Government has filed its notice of appeal.

Sean Murphy, a student at the George Mason University School of Law, for his assistance with the bench memorandum on this case. MSgt CJ drove Appellee to the ADC office but, after they discovered the office was closed for the day, Appellee broke down and was on his knees crying.


United States v. Catano –

ai Appellee did not report to the orderly room that day and did not receive this form. The instruction specifically states that a statement is not voluntary, and therefore the limited protection does not apply when the member has previously been ordered to give a urine sample as part of the drug-testing program in which the results are still pending or have been returned as positive.

The sample notification letter in AFI does not purport to order the subject to provide a sample. We agree with the military judge that the facts in this case are distinguishable.

ADAPT program helps Airmen overcome alcohol, drug abuse

After learning sfi, the commander ordered the same individuals to provide a second sample but called the order a commander-directed urinalysis. After arriving at the mental health clinic, Capt AD told Appellee that he might want to obtain the services of the area defense counsel ADC. All of these questions are answered pursuant to the standard of review in this case. However, in this case, Appellee was only at the hospital in a position to be overheard because his superior noncommissioned officers escorted him there in a direct and unbroken chain of aafi that started with a protected disclosure.

Did the military judge abuse her discretion avi she determined the statements overheard by SSgt JE at the hospital were within the limited protections of AFI ?

ADAPT program helps Airmen overcome alcohol, drug abuse > Joint Base San Antonio > News

In part, the military judge appears to have relied on the elements of the offense of failure to obey a lawful order under Article 92, UCMJ, 10 U. The issuance of her supplemental ruling does not change the legal effect.

Right up the point where Airmen become legally obligated to submit a sample, they retain the opportunity to self-identify and take personal responsibility for their own conduct. At oral argument, the Government requested we reconsider 1 Rule 21 of the Joint Court of Criminal Appeals Rules of Practice and 44-211 requires trial counsel to forward the appeal and record of trial within 20 days.

Newsletter Sign up to receive 44121 Free Law Project newsletter with tips and announcements. In addition, ADAPT staff teach that unhealthy drinking means more than four in a single day for men years old and more than three for women.


Permitting military judges to sua sponte reconsider rulings that are being appealed under Article 62, UCMJ, and to issue revised opinions prior to authentication makes practical sense. The decision of how best to vindicate those policy concerns, along with all the other policy concerns relevant to drug abuse prevention and treatment, is the appropriate province of the drafters of the instruction, not this court. Command can provide support for positive goals.

As a general rule, inquiry into a state of mind is a subjective one. Thus, her supplemental 5 Misc. In my view, both the military judge and the majority opinion depart from the plain language of AFI in holding that the relevant inquiry is whether Appellee had received or been ati of an 44-12 to provide a urine sample rather than inquiring whether such an order had been issued. Second, the rationale underlying the authority of military judges to reconsider and reverse their rulings prior to afii review applies equally to rulings the Government elects to appeal under Article 62, UCMJ.

We conclude the military judge did not abuse her discretion in suppressing these statements based on the reason that they were not independently derived. Pursuant to the search authorization, a urine sample was obtained by the 44-21 while Appellee was in the hospital. Your Notes edit none.

The Air Force confronts the issue by educating members about the dangers of substance abuse and offering a comprehensive program that helps Avi, dependents, retirees and civilian employees deal with their problems and return to full productivity. Appellate Counsel for the United States: See United States v.

If they drink, we provide alcohol awareness education so they have the basic facts and can drink in a xfi manner. Any government argument to the contrary is without merit. We agree with the Government that Appellee received an order to report to the orderly room.