A. N. Wallis Product. Catalogue, which features our complete range of industry leading Earthing,. Exothermic Welding,. Surge and Lightning. Protection products . AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection | Thorne & Derrick UK & Exports for best prices T&D Brochure – LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Substation. The Wallis concrete inspection pits are load rated to 4,kg suitable for most types of earthing and lightning protection installations. Lids are available in 2.

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We also deliver reassuring levels of quality. The clips are manufactured in high grade polypropylene and UVstabilised to prevent degradation or breaking in cold weather.

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Self Supported A Type Ladder. The rods can be deep driven with power hammers or placedin cattalogue bore hole back filled with Marconite or Bentonite. Available with five or seven catalogke connections. Bitumen FeltSupplied in rolls or cut to form a felt pad are used on asphalt roofs. This fixing method is mainly used where it is not possible to fit a saddleon the roof.

These Wallis clips are manufactured in high grade polypropylene andUV stabilised to prevent degradation or breaking in cold weather.


Air termination networksThe recommended spacing between conductors variesaccording to risk and is detailed in internationally recognisedEuropean and British lightning protection standards. The clamp is supplied threaded or unthreaded. In Eco Earthing System, all the earthing accessories; like clamps and earth enhancing compound, are packed in one bag.

Available for insulating conductors from each other or against a wallthey offer a point of disconnecting to test the earthing system. Contact Us Visit Our Website. Lead Coated Copper Lightning Arrester. Phone Line Surge Protection. Switching Surge Protection Device. The unit is made up from a soft aluminium tail attached to a nonmetallic DC clip.

A N Wallis & Co Ltd

Silicon Composite Drop Out Fuse. This Wallis clamp is most commonly used where the lightningprotection system has been designed in 8mm circular conductor andthe connection to the earth rod is by 25×3 copper tape, the mosteconomical way to change over is to install this clamp as the test point. Spike Lightning Protection System. Rods of a larger diameter can be used.

Beimco bharat Electro Instrument Eaarthing. Supplied with lock nut.

It can be installed simply by digging a hole of suitable size and length and burring the earth rod into it after rem, moving the outer cover and at last watering it. F Type Surge Arrester. The screws are flush in the 25 x 3 copper and aluminium versions, allthe other sizes have screws standing proud.

  AS 3958.1 PDF

The catalovue standards also specifythe recommended materials used for allearthing conductors and their dimensions. Earthrods need an earth inspectionhousing for periodic testing ofearth resistance. Resistance cata,ogue earthFor an LPS the earth termination network as a whole shouldhave a combined resistance of not more than ten ohms,before bonding to building metalwork.

Spikefor Solid Copper and Stainless Steel Earth RodsThe steel spike enables the rod to be driven easily and stops the copperrod becoming damaged. Your enquiry has been sent successfully. Part of this is ensuring that we maintain good stocklevels so you can rely on same day despatch for many of ourproducts. Suitable for a flexible earthbond where movement of theitems ezrthing be bonded must be considered.

This has ensured we continue to g The unit provides a static discharge point for aircraft, tankers, lorriesor boats. Looking for Advanced Earthing System?

A N Wallis & Co Ltd

Disconnecting LinkThe link is mainly used to offer a temporary break in the connection toearth allowing inspection and testing of an earth rod while disconnectedfrom the lightning protection system network. Lightning Protection Earthing Walls Documents. Materials specifications are also included.