and Yes Bank; KPMG and ASSOCHAM Report (Indian Luxury Summit ); . CII – A.T. Kearney Report, () has projected the total Indian luxury market. CII-IMRB report,‗The Changing Face of luxury in India’ gives an . India Boarding (TCS Report), India Luxury Review (CII-AT Kearney Report), . India’s luxury market is projected to grow by three-fold to reach US$ billion by , according to CII-AT Kearney’s India Luxury Review report. India.

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Qureshi finds the mall itself limiting her shopping experience.

Capgemini and RBC wealth management. September 30, at The concept of luxury brands.

Measuring perceptions of brand luxury. There has also been limited progress on the infrastructure front. The numbers tell a fascinating story. Confederation of Indian Industry.

$5.8bn Indian luxury market spreads beyond big cities

Top 5 truly historic moments of Environmental damage continues months after Erport dam collapse Kim Jong Un fan clubs mushroom in South Korea amid warming ties. They also want to be pampered.

Little surprise then that luxury brands, which are more expensive in India than they are abroad due to high excise and others duties, have, over the past year, reworked their pricing strategies.

Only Payable at Par cheques are accepted. Sensex is on an upward trajectory, economic indicators are cheery but reporf are Indians still gloomy?

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Italian luxury brand Giorgio Armani to enter Indian homeware market 2 Feb, Dec 31, Journal of Brand Management, 11 6 You won’t be able to use WhatsApp on these devices in The second major trend is that Indian consumers are repott and adopting international customs and trends at a much faster pace than anticipated.


It is not difficult to understand why marketeers are upbeat about the luxury market despite its limitations.

India has more rich households than most European nations 8 Oct, Lack of space restricting luxury brands’ growth in India: Is the consumer still likely to shop overseas?. The luxury market in India: February 7, ; Paper Acceptance Date: Luxury in Indiaa report prepared by the Confederation of Indian Industries CII and AT Kearney, refers to consumer segments in this space under categories such as the traditionally wealthy industrial families, high net-worth individuals, business executives earning Rs1 crore and above a year, and small and medium enterprise owners.

This report will highlight Profile of the unique and mysterious Indian luxury consumer, inform if there is a market for luxury beyond Delhi and Mumbai, elaborate on price consciousness and badge consciousness. The luxury market has grown beyond expectations at a rate of 20 per cent over the past year and is likely to grow at the same rate in the coming years as well.

A vast majority of educated Indians are worried about the rise of political and social extremism. I feel we are at the threshold of a great expansion and it is indeed encouraging to be part of this new drive.

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These are potential destinations for luxury products as well as services and assets. This is where the future of the luxury market lies. The reasons for not shopping for luxury at leisure are easy to find. Consumers are well-informed and increasingly demanding about latest cio-at — especially in the luxury products space.


The most marked trends are of new cities and catchments on the luxury map.

As the luxury market in India evolves, luxury brand marketeers have woken up to serve a demanding, well-travelled and discerning Indian consumer. This could very well be the trend for the next few years, what with the Indian luxury market growing at over 20 percent per annum.

Although the luxury market exists in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, it is now moving towards tier two towns as well. The second category, or the aspiring luxury consumer, meanwhile, is growing at a faster clip, looking for prominent brands and products that are loud since they want to make a statement that they have arrived, says Abhay Gupta, executive director, Blues Clothing Co.

It will also tell about the Indian Luxury Market Size: Keeping the changing trend in mind related to luxury retailing and to address the key issues affecting the industry, CII is organizing rrport second edition of its Luxury Goods Forum, on October 7, as part of the Commonwealth Games Business Forum. Commodities in cultural perspective. Payment Options for Digital Articles.