Many of you probably know DM of the Rings. If not, and you are familiar with. Being gamers, these players are naturally geeky in other ways, which happens. If there’s one trap that every GM falls into at some point, it’s getting into a topic.

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Get Known if you don’t have an account. Smarmy Army Tue 8 May, — Episode Detonation Unknown Tue 29 May, — Episode Forcechokes Motti not because he got insulted by him or anything, but simply because Motti pointed out that Vader shouldn’t kill his staff for making mistakes.

Lightsaber wield combo more epic than ever seen before New fighter named after a letter of the alphabet Summon bigger fish! However, against non-organics, like droids, they’re lethal. He objects to Vader’s destruction of Naboo via Death Star. The original version is always the best.

Players / PCs

darhts The comic is being translated into a variety of languages, including: We’re still working on exactly what will follow, but ideas are beginning to crystallise. This one orders subordinates to execute themselves.

They briefly appear in Rogue One disguised as monks in full-body robes, investigating the Empire. Initially a thespian rather than a gamer. If something is up to interpretation, try to state the facts and leave the interpretation to the reader. So your life expectancy just dropped Has been dating Jim since the end of Episode II.


Darths & Droids (Webcomic) – TV Tropes

Can I see your skill level in Not Taking a Hint? Jabba seems to be rather friendly in his New Hope appearance. Toprawa Tue 27 Mar, — Episode He had a nervous twitch fighting living targets.

This comic is popular enough that I’m surprised nobody else has done something similar. We search the room. We play dice with the universe.

Clearly a completely unimportant NPC. The First Order pilots and gunners actually seem pretty effective. He and other shapeshifters apparently have an organ called a “Splanch,” that locks them in a single form if damaged or destroyed.

Laser-Hosen Thu 28 Jun, — Episode He still takes a perverse pleasure in ensuring that any morally dubious action the players take somehow returns to bite them in the rear. General Grievous The Separatist general, with an expanded backstory compared to the movies.

He’s also very good at thinking his way around the GM’s setting and rules. There’s not even anyone to talk to except a butler robot. Sure, he could shoot Obi-Wan Her biological father works for the Empire. droidx

The other players are not at all grateful, especially Benwho felt that he dwrths get to kill his own Arch-Enemy. Okay, I can’t read Quenya. She initially saw the sessions as acting opportunities and she provided a humorous outsider’s perspective on the usual PC behaviorbut she dorids getting the hang of the combat simulations.


This page shows the various characters and the tropes related to them. BB-8 fixes the guns on Poe starship. James Bond fans never had it so good.

Yeah by that stage I was just making up the stupidest things I could think of. This is only if they’re civilian droids. Anakin’s paranoia has only gotten worse thanks to his death.

Upon hearing that Bibble has a beard, Jim assumes that he must be pure evil, and nothing can convince him otherwise. It’s so nice having the wedding on the beach at dawn. Yep, the resistance fleeing from their minor ships to the cruisers as they run out of fuel. Most of the droidx is ship-to-ship, so not really. He returns as General Grievous. Don’t ever call him a Wookiee-gram.