Discussing the undiscussable. A workbook for improving group effectiveness and openness. Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau. This is a resource file which supports. Discussing the undiscussable. Dick, Bob, and Dalmau, Tim () Discussing the undiscussable: improving group effectiveness and openness. Paper prepared. Acad Med. Dec;89(12) doi: /ACM Discussing the undiscussable with the powerful: why and how faculty must learn to.

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If you find this hard, don’t be concerned. And when people claim and perhaps believe that they are more open than they really discusaing, then problems multiply. Misunderstandings are common and often unresolvable. Try to recall specific incidents and specific actions in as much detail as you can. I’ll discussihg it the present group. Think about the activities the chosen group typically does, and the way people in it typically behave.

And I like authors approach to work on himself in very compliant way with the approach. Unless the whole group is very small, therefore, subgroups are probably warranted. Discyssing is as if group members obey a complex set of rules. The easiest way to do this is for people to move into tentative groups, and then swap members between the groups until the best possible mix is obtained.

Similarly, are there one or two C items which could almost be shifted to the B list?

Give particular attention to things which might annoy you, or distract you, or disturb you in some way, but which you would be unlikely to talk about.

In the light of the conditions agreed by the group, are there B items which you are now willing to move to your A list and perhaps C items which can be moved to the B list?

Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau. If the people in the small group know each other well, umdiscussable gives them better information to work with, and often better transfer of what they dizcussing to their existence outside the activity.


In which you compare notes with other group members on the conditions which would make it easier for you to discuss unndiscussable items on your lists, particularly the B items.

Helping Those Who Teach, Learn. Demian T Lucas rated it really liked it Mar 11, Dialogue is essential for transforming institutions into learning organizations, yet many well-known characteristics of academic health centers AHCs interfere with open discussion.

The resulting feedback can then be used to critique the existing rules, and renegotiate them It takes you through the steps in sufficient detail that you can work without a facilitator if someone is prepared to coordinate the activities of subgroups, and monitor the time. Mike rated it it was amazing Apr 29, What is it about a group that helps to make an item discussable?

Discussing the undiscussable

Those who are familiar with the literature on considerate assertion may prefer to substitute this. Then, using this agreement as a guide, work through the steps in your own time. It is important that you remain free to decide what you disclose, and how you disclose it. Information necessary for critical decisions is not shared, individuals and the organization do not learn from mistakes, and diverse perspectives from those with less power are not entertained, or worse, are suppressed.

You may decide to do so, but that is not the primary aim of the activity. As if this were not enough, some of those rules forbid the mention of certain types of information. In the spirit of these conditions, you are encouraged to treat the instructions in this workbook as invitations, not as orders. Your task is to identify those items which are more discussable, and those which are less discussable. Readers will instantly recognize what has long been going on in the workplace, and will be able to develop the skills to talk about it productively.

Added to Your Shopping Cart. Are there one or two items there which you could almost move to your A list? Any groundrule-setting or climate-setting activity, therefore, can be strengthened by being preceded by an activity such as the one described in this workbook.


Discussing the Undiscussable: A Guide to Overcoming Defensive Routines in the Workplace

Discudsing informal discussion follows on the possibility of agreeing to these conditions. The productivity and happiness of people therefore depends, among other things, on the groups they are in and the way those groups operate.

You may find it useful to include information about things such as the following There will be a later opportunity to add to the list. In which ujdiscussable compare notes on the nature of the undiscussables, at the same time adding to your individual A, B and C lists. Before continuing, please read the following About 4 or 5 groundrules are usually appropriate, or preferably even fewer.

At each point where people were asked to think about an issue, and record their thoughts, working space was provided.

Groups of relative strangers suffer from the opposite problem. Dankoski is associate dean for faculty affairs and professional development, Lester D. Perfect frankness about everything discusssing hardly possible, and of questionable benefit.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Are there items it would be useful to discuss in the group?

It may be more difficult to develop good information, and to transfer it to the outside world, but group members will probably find it easier to develop new ways of addressing the undiscussable. Chris rated it really liked it Dec 04, In which you choose items from the previous step which fit into the three undiscussagle.

On the other hand, it does make it harder for people disdussing experiment with new behaviours — their habitual behaviours are harder to change. You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. This step is used if you are choosing small groups from within a larger group.