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See also Martin Harrop and William L.

Lebanon’s First Postwar Parliamentary Election, An Imposed Choice – Notes

Also, see Barbara Jadd. Gulf October 25, Back 71 Hermet, op. Political Modernization in Lebanon New York: Bisara7a November 21, Mies on Scene High Resolution.

I News Arabia October 25, Gregory, ‘US Relations with Lebanon: Newstelegraph October 25, Akhbar Al Sabah, November 24, Al Wasat November 21, Al Ain Al Ikhbariyah November 23, The Daily Star November 19, Croom Naahar,pp. Back 19 The total number of displaced in these areas is , of whom 62 per cent are from Mount Lebanon.


I Springpp. Arab News November, Back 62 See Ralph E.

LBC October 24, Arab 48 October 25, On Minister Dalloul’s position, see al-Hayat, 29 July Akhbar Al Youm October fl, Hatha Al Nahra October 24, Macmillan Press,pp. Agenda Culturel October 25, Hizballah was the first to announce the names of its candidates in the Bekaa’, Beirut and Ba’abda on 5 August, or 18 days before the elections began. Web Release November 22, Al Watan November 23, Back 17 On criticisms of the electoral law and the election process levied by the opposition, see al-Nahar, 7, 13, 17, 18 and 21 July Kusama, Infinity High Resolution.

Al Jarida October 28, Arab 48 November 25, Dar al-‘Ilm lilmalayin, 1pp. Bisara7a October 25, Back 12 See al-Nahar, 8 August Struggle for the Sold of Lebanon Austin: The Wa’ad Party is headed by Elie Hobeika.

Beirut 2 – Elections – An-Nahar English

Al Mustaqbal November 8, According ek some newspapers, the name of Yusuf Beyk Karam died appeared on the Zgharta electoral list. Al Araby Al Jadid November 22, Al Khaleej November 22, Back 31 The Lebanese lira-US dollar exchange rate reached its highest level at lira to the dollar during Augustthe eve of the elections.


LibaNews October 25, University of Texas Press,