Encyclopaedia Arcane: Compendium by P Tucker, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. This product compiles several previous Encyclopaedia Arcane books including Necromancy, Daemonology, Battle Magic, and the new Transmutation. Encyclopaedia Arcane. Compendium. Demonology – The Dark Road. 4. Introduction. 6. Demonology – An Overview. 9. To Tread the Dark Road. The Art of.

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Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Similar Threads Encyclopedia Arcane: I counted two minor pieces of art getting cut, one piece of art added in, and a few pieces juggled around in the book’s placement. There’s even a complete index and feat summary list at the end of the book. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Join Date Jan Posts A gathered throng of various creatures gazes up from below with serious-looking faces. I’d give it either a solid 3 or a soft 4 out of 5.

With the earlier books in the line becoming hard to find and not up to date with 3.

The parts that required the most re-writing were the stat block entries for the monsters that appear towards the end of the book, and this has been done. The book makes a big deal about the special prestige class of the Battle Mage and how you have to join their guild to use their secrets of battle magic, which cost tons of gold. The wording of the rest of the spell clearly intends it to mean that a creature made of flesh is to be turned into stone.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Compendium

I do kind of wish, arcae, that encyclopedia and devils were handled a bit differently for a bit more flavour. Results 1 to 1 of 1. At the time it came out it filled encycloaedia lot of gaps in the school’s spell list, and today it’s still a pretty nice addition to the repertoire of those who play with dead things. There are also three power levels of a spell called Alchemistry that allows the caster to drain a magic property from one item and transfer it to another.

A new page border design is here too, comprised of old cover art from other EA books. Something I did find kinda neat were the new areas of effect, such as a stream attack that sweeps a spell with a straight line of effect across a battlefield just like the beam on a radar screen. Compendium is a solid compilation. Errors The following errors occurred with encyclolaedia submission. To summarize, Encyclopedia Arcane: The book begins with a chapter-and-a-half of an overview and some general observations about the open-ended nature of transmutation, and how a spellcaster can get the most out of the school.


But if Mongoose is to devote one EA book to each of the arcane schools, they gotta do this one to complete the set, and here’s a com;endium place to do it.

This book is a bit heavy on the fluff and seems to run out of steam before its 64 pages are up, but the rules that are here are pretty solid and useful.

Encyclopaedia Arcane Compendium, Volume I (PDF Version) | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

Nevertheless I had a look through to see if there was anything I could extract for my own use, and was kind of left wanting there too. And there’s this harness you gotta wear too. There is advice for transmuters on how some situations call for subtlety, how to defend against an opponent’s transmutation effects, how it can assist other party members, that sort of thing. All fiends are handled pretty much the same way mechanically, but what if only demons used the rules for attempting to possess characters, while devils instead tried to trap mortals in pacts for their souls?

The updates are fairly straightforward; the skills mentioned in the Prestige Class write-ups are updated, the spells look pretty much the same as before and you’re still going to need Seas Of Blood in order to use the Raise Death Hulk spell. The second chapter, The Shape Of Magic, also includes the four prestige classes and they are as follows: A lot of it didn’t need a ton of updating as the toughest thing to update to 3.

Tuesday, 22nd November, This is the one book I have the 3. This book remains among my very favourites in the EA line. I did notice that the spells-per-day progression for the Deathseeker prestige class has been halved. Each of the original EA books ran 64 pages, and with a total of pages in this hardback this pretty much a straight-up presentation. Compendium Volume Iimplying that there may be more Compendiums to follow, but as of one year encyclopxedia nothing further has been released or announced.


So I just averaged the grade of the four separate books and it came out as a 3 out of 5, nearly a 4, which seems about right for something that’s done well but still has a hazy feeling of “unratable-ness” about it, kinda like a lot of Greatest Hits compilations in music.

Most are combat related, but not all; Familiar Figurine for one is basically a safe version of a bag of holding to transport one’s familiar or animal companion in. In my personal world compenium is a 2 out of 5, but I realize that objectively it’s probably a 3. Bodycrafter, for example, lets you incorporate extra copmendium abilities to your new form when casting alter self. I intend to extract that bit from the book. The nature of a compilation book makes it hard to give a grade, as a lot of its utility will depend on how much of this previously released material you already have.

Reset Fields Log in. The full title on the cover is Encyclopedia Arcane: Calcifying Caress is a little confusing though, when it says it “imparts a form of stone to flesh”. Some of them let you do a little more with polymorphing effects than those spells normally allow.

The cover illustration by Anne Stokes depicts a robed man looking over, and possibly casting from, a huge tome that’s been chained to a precipice at the top of a very steep staircase. I should say that while researching this review I did come across a statement on Mongoose’s forums that beyond simple updates, there have also been fundamental rules changes incorporating customer feedback, particularly in EA: The Shape of Magic by August Hahn is a look at a school of magic that I don’t really think needs any “help”, as I see more spells for transmutation than any other school of arcane magic.

A chapter on Magical Items follow, with 16 transmutation-flavoured items, including a couple of artifacts. Compendiumwhich came out in Mayis that compilation. Monday, 1st August,