Tackifying Resin, Product Description: Escorez™ LC is a premium aromatic modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resin with a narrow molecular weight. Product datasheets and sales specifications for Escorez™ tackifying resins. Africa & Middle Escorez™ LC (AM & EU), 18, , Escorez™ , PRODUCT NAME: ESCOREZ series .. THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS: Petroleum hydrocarbon resin ECR | Escorez LC |.

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The hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition according to claim 4, wherein said polymer is selected from a styrene-isoprene-styrene S-I-S polymer, a styrene-butadiene SB polymer, a styrene-butadiene-styrene SBS polymer, an ethylene-vinylacetate-polymer EVAescorea a butadiene-vinylacetate-polymer BVA. The use of Escorez LC gives a better high temperature shear to steel like 5 found for Piccotac 95E but also gives the highest viscosity.

T 0295/05 () of 26.6.2007

The Methylcyclohexane is substituted for the heptane used in the standard test procedure. Table 7 shows the results of several resins in a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition in comparison to each other.

Year of fee payment: Because the Board and the parties could not reasonably be expected to deal with these new issues without adjournment of the proceedings – which contravenes the principle of procedural economy – auxiliary requests 1 to 4 were not admitted, in accordance with Article 10b 3 of the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal.

Inventive aliphatic hydrocarbon resin, or briefly: One form of utility is where the escoerz melt pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to a surface of a substrate, such as paper, foil or film and such substrates may be in the form of an adhesive tape or a label.

The desired increase of the amount of cyclic 20 structures in the aliphatic resins can e. The abbreviations and trade names used in the following are explained in the Experimental Section below.

The Opponents based their objections on Articles a lack of novelty and lack of inventive step and c EPC and cited inter alia the following documents in support of the objections under Article a EPC: Prior art resins with no aromatic modification failed to attain the above properties to a satisfactory extent. The tackifying resins according to this invention result in a lower melt viscosity of hot melt compositions wherein they are incorporated.


Product datasheets and sales specifications for Escorez™ tackifying resins

Please contact us at webmaster matweb. These resins have an improved adhesive performance in hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive compositions. Thirdly, aromatic modified aliphatic resins result in lower shear performance at higher temperatures in hot melt based pressure sensitive applications. Check the calendar of oral proceedings.

India Import data of Escorez

DE DET3 en Isobutylene and isoamylene are described to act as chain transfer agent and alpha-5 methylstyrene AMS is described to be used as a aromaticmodifier. Examples of diolefins are cis and trans-piperylene 1,3-pentadiene1,4-pentadiene, isoprene, 1,3-hexadiene and 1, 4 -hexadiene. Aliphatic petroleum-based resins having controlled softening points and molecular weights and hot melt pressure dscorez adhesive containing same.

A typical composition of the used petroleum feed streams with and without cyclodiolefins and the plant 5 recycled solvent is given below: Jacob given at this escoez and as depicted in this paper was very similar to the presentation in Munich represented by D29 and that reference was also made in D29 to this AFERA paper.

In the examples of the WO escores the values ” phr” or ” phr” were disclosed in conjunction with the specific tackifiers “E” and “Wingtack Extra”.

A hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive escorze comprising a mixture of: The above polymer often is an S-I-S styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer having polystyrene and 20 polyisoprene block segments. US 4, describes the use of aliphatic resins prepared as described in US 3, in S-I-S based hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives.

It is thus possible to obtain resins with a desired softening point and molecular weight distribution during the polymerization process independent of each other. The ultimate resins of this invention have the following properties: Handout distributed by L. The hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition according to claim 4 which further includes an extender oil. In contrast thereto, it was observed that due to the improved compatibility of the resins of the present invention, the MMAP cloud point decreased as a function of the amount of cyclic structures.


The catalyst was simultaneously added and the mixture was circulated from the bottom of the reactor to the catalyst inlet point. The resin according to this invention which is ezcorez in the following examples will be hereinafter called: Furthermore, the first priority was without any doubt edcorez for the subject-matter of auxiliary requests 1 to 4 because component a of the adhesive composition was limited to specific embodiments which were indicated in ecorez appli cation as filed and the first priority document as well.

Escorez Import Data of HS code in June –

Table 4 illustrates the advantage of using a feed containing more cycloolefins escorex cyclodiolefins. As the Respondents convincingly argued in the oral proceedings see point X. US USA en Low viscosity hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive compositions Applicant name: Or if you don’t have an account with us yet, then click here to register.

A typical composition of the used petroleum feed streams with and without cyclodiolefins and the plant recycled solvent is given below:. The catalyst can be chosen from any suitable Friedel-Crafts catalyst, such as aluminum trichloride, aluminum bromide, aluminum fluoride, titanium tri and tetrachloride, tin tetrachloride, boron trifluoride, or 2s solutions, slurries or complexes thereof.

In a further embodiment, the invention provides a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition comprising. Thus obtained resins which are most suitable for use as tackifiers according to this invention have:.