Title, Footsteps 2ʻ E.S.O. Author, Simon Betterton. Publisher, Burlington Books, ISBN, , Length, 39 pages. Export Citation. Title, Footsteps Burlington readers. Author, Simon Betterton. Publisher, Burlington books, ISBN, X, Length, 64 pages. Results 1 – 15 of 15 Footsteps by Betterton, Simon and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Then John, Mary and Anna walked to a door on the other side of the school. She saw two small cases. The next night, John and Mary met Anna and more of Mary’s students at the school. Tony is the bank robber in the newspaper article. John showed the students the plan of the school. He rang the bell again -no answer. Chapter 4 John walked away unhappy, then a girl spoke to him. A teacher removed the ventilation grille and helped Anna out of the space. John didn’t understand that Alan went too said.

He thought, Why isn’t Mary at work? I have to go to class now. The wanted to find some reason for know why they can’t job in the school.

They open the grille and find a space. John returned to his house unhappy. Anna, a student page 10 3. John didn’t understand that Alan went too said.


Footsteps; Simon Betterton

Chapter 2 John’s favourite part of his job is when he finishes in the morning. John knew that Mary’s surname was Tucker but ware five addresses with the same surname in the book. John asks the headmaster about Mary, and the next day he loses his job.

The headmaster and Tony bettergon in the room and they heard voices.

John heard the voice when he was in Mary s house. There’s a space, but it’s very small. John waited for a few minutes and he stood up and went to betterton house, but not by the direct route.

Footsteps – Simon Betterton – Google Books

In pairs, make a list of the different places that security guards work apart from in a school. He opened the Mary’s address book and turns the pages, he thought that she had many friends. He thought about Mary. You may like to compare these words with their translations simom the students mother tongue. John only saw the man’s feet. He decided, I’m not at school and Mary and Mary’s not at school.

Then Footstesp had tow possibilities, to stay behind the sofa or to try to get out of the window. Pre-teach the word footsteps. Chapter 6 John got to his house with no more problems. Roger Clarke wasn t the real headmaster. John listens to his footsteps.

Footsteps. by Simon Betterton

Design a picture and use some words in English. I also asked about my footsteps, continued John, what did Mr Clarke say to you? The man stopped and stood directly in front of John, but he didn’t behind the sofa.

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Complete betterhon sentences with a word from the box. He decides to write a book called Footsteps. When he finishes one book, footstepw returns it to Mary for the next evening, when he comes to work, there’s a new book for him on the table. Alan Clarke, John and Mary return to work, and John is very happy.

John and Mary are caught by Tony and the headmaster, who tie them up. John finds an found address book.

Burlington Books Online

Match the sentences with the pictures. Security guards have to wear a uniform. Tony doesn t allow John into the school, but one of Mary simoh pupils, Anna, tells him Mary s address. On which page do you first see the following people?

Mary, a teacher page 5 d. Then one day, John decided to write a book. Chapter 1 In this chapter, John is a security guard and he works in a footsetps school, he wears a uniform and he sits in a small office at night.