Title: The Gammage Cup: A Novel of the Minnipins Author(s): Carol Kendall, Elizabeth Enright ISBN: / (USA edition). A book about a few citizens of an imaginary village who dare to question some long-held but false beliefs in the community, and are ostracized as a result. Many of the Minnipins, particularly the overbearing Period family, are self- centered and greedy for the prize of the Gammage Cup; their actions to attain this goal.

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This book was okay. Muggles, the main character, is supposedly simple – certainly she is not your average heroine.

I never really noticed before. Retrieved from ” https: In the village of Slipper on the Water there live five Minnipins with different ideas, and they are ostracized from their homes for not conforming to the way their neighbors think they should behave. Four hundred years later, the Minnipin settlement of the Land Between the Mountains is ruled by Fooley’s descendants, the Periods, whose names are abbreviations such as Wm. There are so many discussion opportunities I read this to my grandchildren and they enjoyed it immensely.

It would also make a nice read-aloud provided you can pronounce the abbreviation names and don’t mind occasionally having to show an illustration to your listeners so they don’t miss anything.

May 06, Katie Fitzgerald rated it really liked it Shelves: As Lloyd Alexander believed, “fantasy [is] not an escape from reality but a way to understand reality.


Muggles organizes their working efforts and after much progress is made, they explore the Old Mines in the Sunset Mountains. This story has animals named Silly, Solly, Chuckle, Tinsel, etc. I don’t get the sense that Kendall put in the same kind of planning work that Tolkien did.

Be willing to Stand out Mingy said it was a fat sort of noise, Walter the Earl claimed that it was an approaching kind of thing, but Curley Green described it as just a soundlike sound.

This story felt more like it had been written as part of a roleplaying game where the author chose a few elements out of a hat and wrote a fantasy story based gammqge them.

There are parts reminiscent of Kneeknock Rise and The City of Emberalthough I know this came first so it really should be the other way around. I read it as a kid and loved it and I read it again and still love it.

In fact,I can’t say that I even enjoyed the first few chapters. Leave a comment Cancel reply. They move in but the cabin is too small for all of them and decide to sleep outside until a new house is built.


Gummy becomes gamkage because of the poison from the spear and Curly Green is knocked out while Muggles wards off the Mushrooms. Log In Register Nicholas St. The cover was intriguing. But now — Bravery?

It shows what happens to creativity when everybody conforms to a single set of standards. This valley is populated by twelve villages of Minnipinsa race of industrious “little people” rather like hobbits.


The character development of the main characters and others in their village make up for the weak story line hammage the bad guys.

Squeaky Clean Reviews:The Gammage Cup

View all 7 comments. I enjoyed The Gammage Cup and will look for the sequel at some point in the future. The Gammage Cup, by Carol Kendall, was a fun read with an undercurrent of a realistic message: Round, rosy housewives, their brown-weave dresses tucked up, were scrubbing their doorstones or polishing the silver doorknobs on their watercress-green doors, while children vup watering gmmage flowers that grew around the family trees. I actually felt as if I were in gammgae of those places, and I like when that happens.

The swords when glowed bright had this inscription Bright when the Cause is Right. For their troubles, they are banished from their village.

I really enjoyed this book when I was a kid, and when I came across it as an adult, I decided to read it again. Finally in the last year a word popped into my head as I thought of the book.