Glomus tumor was also the name formerly (and incorrectly) used for a tumor now called a paraganglioma. A glomus tumor is a rare neoplasm arising from the. CT temporal bone and MRI internal auditory canal: 4 mm soft tissue mass along the right cochlear promontory consistent with a glomus tympanicum. Paragangliomas account for % of all neoplasms in the head and neck region, and about 80% of all paraganglioms are either carotid body tumors or glomus.

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While it is a rare tumor, it is the most common of the jugular fossa tumours. Stereotactic linear accelerator—based radiosurgery for the treatment of patients with glomus jugulare tumors.

The average tumor volume was Radiation therapy of glomus jugulare tumors. A chemodectoma of the jugular bulb glomsu, when advanced, enlarges the jugular foramen and may produce paralysis of one or more of the last four cranial nerves. Angiography also has a role to play in preoperative embolisation, which is typically carried out days prior to surgery, however care must be taken to fully evaluate feeding vessels.

In general, GJT exhibit an indolent clinical behavior, with a long interval between 4 and 6 years on average between the first symptoms and their diagnosis.

Glomus jugulare tumors are diagnosed by a physical exam and imaging tests, including: Radiographics full text [ pubmed citation ] 4.

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The vast majority are found in the distal extremities, particularly in the hand, wrist, foot, and under the fingernails. Additionally a number of patterns of cranial nerve palsies have been described due to involvement of the nerves gugular the jugular foramen.


The data on glomus tympanicum and vagale tumors and paragangliomas present in other locations were analyzed and included if necessary. The approach, results, and problems. Gamma Yguular Radiosurgery of the glomus jugulare tumour: CT is excellent at assessing the integrity of the ossicles and bony labyrinth 3.

Glomus tumor

Vascular tissue neoplasm Glomus tumor Glomangiosarcoma. Tumours may be bilateral, and other tumours such as carotid body tumours may coexist. On a basis of the results obtained, the authors recommend radiosurgery as a valid alternative for the primary management of patients with GJT. Irradiated paragangliomas of the head and neck: This area contains nerve fibers, called glomus bodies.

Published online Ygular Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

Chemodectoma of the temporal bone: Solitary glomus tumors, particularly subungual lesions, are more common in females than in males. Bradley’s Neurology in Clinical Practice. The role of radiation therapy in the treatment of glomus jugulare tumors. The authors selected recent studies from groups or institutions that have tradition of publish articles.

Stereotactic radiosurgery for the treatment of Glomus Jugulare Tumors

Writing tools A collection of writing tools that cover gloomus many facets of English and French grammar, style and usage. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Views Read Edit View history. The main treatment is surgery. These images are fused to a computed tomography CT scan performed in the current day of treatment. It should be noted that this appearance is sometimes encountered in other lesions yjgular.


Due to the risk of hypertension crisis and other complications that may occur in the intraoperative period, patients with hypersecretory tumors need preoperative preparation with the use of alpha or beta blockers. Are having difficulty with hearing or swallowing Develop pulsations yugu,ar your ear Notice a lump in your neck Notice any problems with the muscles in your face.

Due to their critical location in relation to delicate nerve and vascular structures, their surgical approach still remains a challenge to the neurosurgeon, in spite of all the progress made in neuroimaging examinations, which facilitates the surgical planning, yugulaf in microsurgical techniques.

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Glomus tumor – Wikipedia

Treatment is essentially the same. Multiple lesions are slightly more common in males. Infobox medical condition new. The relative prevalence of glomus jugulare with respect gomus other head and neck paraganglioma varies from publication to publication and depending on definition of the terms jugulare, tympanicum and jugulotympanicum. Treatment planning for a patient harboring a Glomus Jugulare Tumor.

Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine. Efficiency of gamma knife radiosurgery in the treatment of glomus jugulare tumors. Early draining veins are also noted due to intra-tumoural shunting 4. Surgical treatment remains a treatment option for patients who desire an immediate cure, which can be achieved with the complete resection of the lesion.