That’s what best-selling author and internationally-known apologist, Ravi Zacharias, explores in The Grand Christians, we believe that great events. Zacharias introduces The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives (Paperback, Kindle, Audio CD) by preparing. I was to discover later that God is the Grand Weaver of our lives. (1) Excerpted and adapted from Ravi Zacharias’s The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us.

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How can you meet God in all your appointments and your disappointments?

If you do not believe that God is in control and has formed you for a purpose, then you will flounder on the high seas of purposelessness, drowning in the currents and drifting further into nothingness. His weekly radio program, Let My People Thinkis broadcast over 1, stations worldwide, and his weekday program, Just Thinkingis on almost I found the description in the chapter on Our Morality Matters of how morality precedes redemption in all religions except Christianity particularly breathtaking.

We must never wish to be the focus.

The entire time, the weaver has a single design in his mind that he wishes to create. This book may help you understand more of how events caused by or allowed by God shape his story in you. I have written many times as have others that life is lived forward, but understood backward. I doubt any theologian could have done better than she did: You cannot always live on the mountaintop, but when you walk through the valley, the memory of the view from the mountain will sustain you and give you strength to carry you through.

If this thread breaks, the whole design falls apart. It was quite deep to I had just previously read Zacharias’ autobiography, Walking from East to West, with great joy and, admittedly, tears of appreciation for the evidence of God’s work in this humble man.


Jesus challenges this assumption. Lay any burden on me, only sustain me. Apr 16, David Harris rated it it was amazing Shelves: You are not a number.

But he did similar things with words in the past. Having other Godly people around us will help us to keep those motivations in check and be able to stay put or move along when God is calling us to do so.

A point that struck me on first “hearing” of this book — and perhaps this seems obvious — was Zacharias saying you need to establish what th This was another audiobook loaned to me by my friend Jack. No one is made righteous before God by keeping the law.

I’m going to make it. God is the Grand Weaver who is weaving the threads of our lives into a beautiful tapestry even though we may not understand His choice of thread at the moment. The style of this book lends itself to inspired thinking.

They are done before you realize it and once they are done, they make you do other things, until at last everything comes between you and what you’d like to be, and you’ve lost your true self forever. He goes on to talk about Jesus and Pilates question about truth and how Pilate felt good about asking the question, but really didn’t want to listen for or to the answer – Jesus.

The Grand Weaver Society

There is ample apologetical materials which is to be expected from this writer yet it is essentially addressed to the Christian community. In this book, Gospel preacher, author and apologist Ravi Zacharias takes s Life is not meaningless. It is only following redemption that we can truly understand the moral law for what it isa mirror that indicts and calls the heart to seek God’s help. Because he is made of stone. I was listening to it while doing other things, so I didn’t give it the hearing it deserves.


It turns out that when you are all-powerful, someone will always demand that you demonstrate the fact” He explains how rationalism, empiricism, existentialism, and postmodernism have all used their views of how we can know about reality to extinguish the others.

Chesterton, comparing the many ways we can fail to the single way to succeed.

The Grand Weaver Quotes by Ravi Zacharias

Then he went to the th anniversary of the Welsh revival and people hadn’t been to church in 25 years. Your podcast has started playing below. This thread of worship binds together all the rest of the threads in the design of our lives.

The original revelation to Muhammad called for prayer fifty times a day, but he interceded and got it reduced to five. Each has its own particular attraction and error. Failure was writ large on my life.

Book Review: The Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias | Apologetics

I find the story of repentance and acceptance younger son weavee father very reassuring, but the action of the older brother hits too close to home sometimes. Dec 30, Will Robinson Jr. These large masterpieces are woven thread-by-thread, line-by-line in a painstaking process.

Not only can this help a person triumph through the crisis, but also stand against doubts about the goodness or existence of God from personal life experiences.