GURPS Mage The Ascension *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System) [Robert M. Schroeck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Gurps Mage: The Ascension: Robert M. Schroeck, Jeff Koke, Dan Smith: Books – A few weeks ago, in some thread whose topic I can’t recall, a poster mentioned that GURPS Mage was in some ways markedly different.

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Eastridge is a small Vermont town with a population hovering around 3, that makes most of its income from the skiing season. Any Paradox effects or backlashes that the hte accumulate during the remainder of the story are “delayed” until they are outside of The Heirophant’s domain. The Thw, however, shouldn’t tell the players either way! The Hierophant uses these forces as a catalyst and causes the fiction of the writer to become reality. Untitled by Reese WitherspoonHardcover 5.

She is relishing the responsibility and hopes to use this affair to demonstrate to her superiors how efficiently she can handle a situation like this and move up in the ranks.

GURPS World of Darkness Series

The Lesser of Two Evils The only real ways that the mages can stop The Hierophant are to defeat sscension in combat or to destroy the Never-Ending Story Node that is providing the Quintessence to asdension his warped reality. If the players handle their dealings with June properly, she could become an ally or even an apprentice for their Chantry.

Night falls in seconds, and a collection of bright stars appear in the sky in constellations that are unfamiliar to any earthly astronomer. Several characters can act in concert to drain the Node, or one character can attempt to gather the successes. After years of pot-boilers and bodice rippers doing something original isn’t turning out to be as easy as I thought.


GURPS – Mage – The Ascension.pdf

June Dano adcension Novice Thd Nature: When I ran mine, I based it on 6 levels containing full mastery, but only allowed PCs to obtain 5. After the characters have been on the run for a little while and had a chance to debate what they gugps going to do, they discover another disturbing aspect of the Heirophant’s reality. He knows only that his humble establishment has become more attractive to people in the town and that they enjoy browsing, reading and chatting here because of the homey and pleasant atmosphere.

An example of an attempt that failed. The characters will not be trapped in their own mate there is no escape from The Heirophant’s domain but they can suffer all manner of delusion and hobgoblins. She managed to time things so that she could slip away while The Hierophant was distracted with performing one of his strange rituals.

Instead, all of Eastridge is re-shaped and transformed, including the town’s Sleeper inhabitants. He raved about the brilliance of her concept and how it only required the work of a true artist to bring it to life.

Like many marauders, The Hierophant was banished from Earth by the growing power of the Order of Reason, and kept away by the Gauntlet and barriers to the Deep Umbra. If none of the player characters ascehsion this level in the Sphere, Alyson Lane will attempt to drain the Node herself.

GURPS Mage: The Ascension

When a Node was discovered in Eastridge, Alyson took ascenskon as the senior Technomancer in the area. Drying off with a white hotel hand-towel, she regarded herself in the mirror. English Choose a language for shopping.


The pack has been hunting June since she managed to escape from The Heirophant’s Cathedral. When the Eastridge Node was discovered, a group of Men in Black were dispatched by the NWO and placed under Alyson Lane’s command to deal with cleaning up the Node and any other unusual manifestations that asdension accompany it.

Alertness 2, Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Dodge 3, Tracking 3. Write a customer review.

If the characters rescue June from the pack, they will see that she is untouched by the reality shift in Eastridge. Robert Louis Stevenson Paperback Children. The mages effectively exist in a state of Quiet while they are inside the transformed reality, and their thoughts and emotions will warp reality around them, creating hallucinations of all kinds based on their gurs level of Paradox which may be higher then normal from the use of vulgar magick.

Unknown to either the Technomancers or the Tradition mages, there is another power stirring in town. There are 12 goblins in the book shop itself, with thousands in the entire town. Would you care for a latte? Sacension requires at least Spirit 2 for the mage to be able to reach across the Gauntlet to affect the construct.

OK x3-1 x2-2, turps, Smashed 2 dice of inherent Countermagick. Maybe I’m just out of practice at doing anything creative, she thought bitterly.

Her hair is dark and cut short she hates it and wants to let it grow out.