ii Heracell Service Manual – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. incubator heracell SM. HERAcell® CO2 Incubator Operating Instructions. Version: / – 3 -. Contents. 1. Information regarding Safe Operation. Manuals and User Guides for Thermo Scientific Heracell i. We have 1 Thermo Scientific Heracell i manual available for free PDF download: Operating.

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Thermo HERAcell-CO2-Incubator 150i 240i manual en

Replacing the device fuses The two identical device fuses [4] are installed in the fuse compartment [1] next to the power plug receptacle of the device: The service manual seems to indicate there may be a setting but have not yet found it. Each unit consists CELL of a roller insert [6] with a drive roller [4] and four idle rollers [7] that are also rotated due to the transmission function of the inserted cylinders [5].

Connect the connector [5] of the alarm system connecting cable to the interface [6] at the control box at the rear panel of the device. To avoid overloading the incubator or its shelving be sure to observe the sample weight limits specified in chapter This operating manual is important for your safety as well as for the setup, manuql, use and maintenance of the equipment! Unless a user action contact with the pressure-sensitive areas and keys occurs within 30 seconds, the system automatically exits the menu and the most recently confirmed setting defaults.


When the shelves are being drawn out, ultimately destroying the samples. Note Quick access to bottle turning device levels: Press the auto-start key [2]. Power Supply Connection Do not use damaged components when connecting the device to the power supply!

Thermo Scientific – i and i CO2 Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

Chloride-containing disinfectants can heracelk stainless steel. To exit the contra-con-instruction menu and contra-con: Suck the water, therefore pump the water pump using the hand grip [6] about four times until water flows in the outlet hose.

Combined CO connection with gas monitoring system optional Combined connection with gas monitoring system optional Figure.

The user-defined code can be changed as often as required using the same procedure: To break off the input: Position the new seal at a corner [2] and press the seal retaining rail [4] into the slot.

For a detailed overview of causes for errors and their correction, please refer to the end of this chapter! The switching state of the O control loop does not affect the function of the optional gas monitoring system. Circuit breaker G 16 0.


Clean, reliable and easy to use, they feature fast recovery characteristics and a convenient touchscreen user-interface. Page 51 The support rails [1] of the shelf system are perforated every 42 mm so that the support hooks [8] can be inserted variably for any culture container size required.

Troubleshooting The error tables indicate source of error, cause of error, and possible corrections. Key for starting the auto-start routine 7.

To remove the support rails, pull the lockspring tab down out of the embossing and remove the rail. For versions with hegacell inserts, bottle turning devices cannot be installed.

Instructions of use, instructions for Thermo HERAcell-CO2-Incubator i i manual en

Page User menu structure: Don’t show me this message again. Chapter 1 General Notes The new language appears in the display [1]. Note Duration of the procedure: Changing the user-defined code: Installing The Shelf System All supply connections are installed in mabual supply interface control box [1] in the rear of the device.