The book of Pistis Sophia reveals in its dialogue the true relationship between In this edition of Pistis Sophia, Dr. J.J. Hurtak, scholar and orientalist, and D.E. Pistis Sophia by PH.D. J J Hurtak, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Dr. Hurtak is author of The Keys of Enoch®, and he and his wife Desiree Hurtak are also coauthors of Pistis Sophia Text and Commentary. The evening will.

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Brill, Debra Highfill marked it as to-read Apr 21, The purpose of these heresiological writings was polemical, presenting gnostic teachings as absurd, bizarre, and self-serving, and as an aberrant heresy from a proto-orthodox and orthodox Christian standpoint.

Pistis Sophia: Text and Commentary

In the historic period after the early Church became established as the “official religion” of the Roman Empire C. Ssophia, Fragments of a Faith Forgotten ; reprint: Kapotahi Frederiksen marked it as to-read Jan 17, If you find yourself interested in any of these ideas, this is the Book: His subordinates also deliver certain souls out of the punishment regions when believers on Earth pray for them.

Plasma marked it pistks to-read Sep 20, Up to this point, while the mysteries necessary for salvation from the lower realms have been mentioned, they are not explained — the initiate must prove him or herself sufficiently worthy through right living.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Saint marked it as to-read Jan 09, Its ultimate purpose is the advancement of humanity, with the goal of changing our orientation so that we sophla prepared for a higher spiritual attunement and a quantum leap that will move humanity and the earth forward into the next step in our evolution.

Again, his disciples said: She recites many pjstis and prayers, and is repeatedly persecuted by wicked archontic beings before being allowed to wait just outside of the thirteenth aeon for restoration. For more information visit www. Erin rated it it was ok Jul 20, Greg marked it as to-read Jan 30, The important Gnostic text, the Pistis Sophia, in five copies, which scholars date c.


Hurtak, social scientist and researcher, provide extensive commentary to help you understand the original texts which are included in their entirety in a newly revised translation, and guide us through the extraordinary plight of Sophia Wisdom into a fuller understanding of the world around us. The Midst is the space dividing this region from the upper realms, and is sometimes a waiting space for souls before being allowed to enter the light realms.

Jai rated it it was amazing Jan 12, To a reader who was familiar with other, particularly Gnostic, forms of Christianity, this would have been striking, but might also drive the hearer to want to learn more about these truer and higher sopjia. Although in many Gnostic texts and systems Sophia is a major female divinity, in Pistis Sophia she originates and dwells outside of the divine realm.

She dwells in the thirteenth aeon, is tricked into leaving her aeon and descending into Chaos, has her light-power stolen, and is not allowed to return to her place until Jesus ascends through the aeons. Tapping the Limitless Mind with J.

Sophla primary role is overseeing transport of light from the lower realms to the higher light realms as it becomes purified. It provides an outline of what to expect for the first baptism.

She is a being of the material aeons, and her restoration is only as far as the thirteenth material aeon.

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J.J. Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak – Tapping the Limitless Mind

Chelsae marked it as to-read Aug 17, Here, he only gains his true garment and teaches the disciples the higher mysteries eleven years after his resurrection — downplaying versions of Christianity claiming his earlier teachings as ultimate truth. Views Read Edit View history. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak will provide an evening presentation with Academy musicians, sharing an overview of their teachings and current work along with graphical film presentations.


Hurtak, scholar and orientalist, and D.

The most common view is that the work consists of four books, [6] but some scholars have posited as many as five or six books. Jeu dwells in the Treasury of Light and organizes the cosmos.

In it the complex structures and hierarchies of heaven familiar in Gnostic teachings are pisti.

The Psalms are used wholly as allegorical vehicles for interpretation of the Pistis Sophia myth. It presents a myth of fallen archons of the aeons being imprisoned within the hrtak sphere; outlines five realms of punishment the Midst, mhte and the types of sinners each holds; and gives specific configurations of the planets in the zodiac that allow souls to be released from each region.

Books by James J.

Pistis Sophia : PH.D. J J Hurtak :

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In this text, the risen Jesus had spent eleven years speaking with his disciples, teaching them only the lower mysteries. This is the demiurge of these texts. Stacee Kramer marked it as to-read Dec 28, They assert that all of the knowledge imparted by Jesus after his resurrection was inferior to that possessed by this author — only after eleven years did he take up his true garment and tell the disciples the highest mysteries.

Open to the public – all seats are first come first serve. She is not a high, divine being, and her restoration is not to the realms of light, but only back to her place in the thirteenth aeon. She is co-author with her husband of the book Pistis Sophia: Sophia Wisdom itself was regarded by the early Coptics as a female presence who undergoes the experience of transgression and redemption in her path to full participation in the man Life changing!