Hassam-Ul-Haramain Urdu: Book + Taqreezat (Urdu + Arabic) (By Nooria Razwia Publishing Company). Hassam Ul Haramain Bma Taqreezat. Hassam ul Haramain This is the english translation to Hassam ul. Husamul Haramain (Ḥusām al-Haramayn) or Husam al Harmain , is a treatise written by Ahmad Raza Khan ( ) which declared the founders of Deobandi, Ahle Hadith and Ahmadiyya movement as heretics. The treatise is published in Arabic, Urdu, English, Turkish and in Hindi Taqweeyat-ul Imaan” by Ismaeel Dehlwi; “Seerate Mustaqeem” by Ismaeel.

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The evil is up, distresses are dominant and task ahead is extremely difficult. Allah may send blessings upon him, upon his inmates, upon his companions, who accepted the faith surpassing us.

I assert that he haramaih a revivalist of this century. They will be particularised by such spiritual benefit, which will be a source of decoration of their scroll of deeds. Today all the men of knowledge confer upon him the high degree of the perfection and remembrance.

The certain knowledge is given to the Prophets in person and other than Prophets, who get certain knowledge of unseen affairs, is due to the information imparted by the Prophets blessings of Allah be upon them all not through anybody else. Cause not our hearts astray after thou hast guided us; and bestow upon us mercy from thy presence.

Your kingdom is dominant, Your argument is hussma, Your favours upon us are pre-eternal, Your verses and arguments are free from all defects and faults. In AH he came to Makkah and settled there permanently. His pen may wield like a cutting sword being unsheathed.

Husamul Haramain

We believe in whatever You have revealed and follow Your Prophet A. I, after praise of the Lord and eulogy of the Prophet Asay that Allah, the Exalted, has afforded a person to keep the religion alive, when He wishes to do the task of amelioration and weal.


Hkssam, the Exalted, may grant a better recompense to the author of this book and we may have our resurrection under the flag of intercession of the Holy Prophet A.

I bear that witness, which raises the repeaters of light to the pulpits of light and does not allow the doubts of curvedness and astrayness to be nigher to it I bear witness that our chief and master Muhammad A is His distinguished Bond and His prophet, who maintained the cutting proofs for us to illuminate the vast paths.

Sami Pasha Faruqi 12 was the Governor of Madina. Fatawa-e-Rashid Ahmad Gangohi and Braheen-e-Qatiah, which is actually the work of Gangohi but has been attributed to his pupil Khalil Ahmad Anbaithawi, and Hifzul Iman of Ashraf Ali Thanwi, whose rejected writings have been italicised for distinction. He was known as ustaz ul Ulama and muhaddis Harmain Shrifain.

It has been stated in Bahr-ar-Raiq that whoever appreciates the naramain of people of greed and avarice or considers it a fact or believe in the accuracy thereof, if it is a blasphemy, the lauder of it shall be a disbeliever. Hudsam was also a poet and was given the title of Sheikh ud Dalail. He also made some publications and was known as Sheikh ul Islam. He is a cutting sword for the astray people and is chopping off the tongues of the irreligious people.

Husamul Haramain – Wikipedia

Isn’t there enough to go around? He was given the title of Sheikh ud Dalail. You have sent to us the Prophet Awho is the leader of all illustrious apostles and he himself is the chosen one, our Hussqm and Chief Muhammad bin Abdullah has been commissioned with such miracles and signs, which have rendered the intellects of men imbecile.


In the list of these astray people Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani is at serial number one. Its reply is that this saying has no basis nor it has been narrated accurately”. We have seen the eulogies of the Ulama of Makkah. I feel that this is an important judgement on this topic and singular in its nature. We praise You as Your favourites have praised You by Your favour and grace. Hiyat-i- Sadr ash Shariah, p.

They are denying the original faith. How he comprehends the matter of Absolute Knowledge and knowledge of the absolute and does not draw a line of distinction between the knowledge and the letter eenglish two letters and extreme receives from number and limit at least.

The unbelievers attack being in ambush. People of profession of bad beliefs stepping down from the heights of the mountain, and are attacking the people of faith. Blessings be upon the holy Prophet Ahis uk and companions. If they do not resort to repentance, they will be deprived of the neighbourhood of Madinah Munawwarah because its this peculiarity is substantiated by an approval and accurate tradition.

The Divine favour provided me an opportunity hussm meeting with him. They Ulamaindeed, enjoy excellent reputation in the East and the West. I still expect reply, but will a dead body come for disputation from grave? You have guided us to the true religion and afforded us to speak truth.