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AFI. Number: Changes Note: AFI_AFGM Link to Policy : Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering SUBJECT: Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , .. NOTE: Reference AFI , Administrative Separation of Airmen.

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The National Defense Authorization Act has added a new level of review of involuntary discharges where servicemembers who have made a sexual assault complaint within the previous year allege that the discharge is retaliatory. His frustration, poor attitude and a few small disciplinary problems, combined with his admission of ADD as a child, also result in a diagnosis of a personality disorder or adjustment disorder.

It wasn’t easy either ugh. It is worth noting that, since discharge is an administrative process, it does not preclude and is not precluded by disciplinary action. Lesbian and Gay Draft, Military and Veterans Issues, 28 while out of date in other regards, has creative discussion of discovery, pre-hearing preparation, conduct of ADBs and post-hearing appeals that can be applied to other discharge areas.

If these efforts are not successful, and the separation authority authorizes discharge, servicemembers usually are discharged within ten days. ODPMC discharges are intended for servicemembers with physical or mental conditions that are too minor or transitory to warrant medical discharge or retirement that is, they are not medically unfittingbut are significant enough afu interfere with performance of zfi.

In some cases, members may undergo a separation physical, as well as transitional classes on employment, VA benefits and the like before the discharge is technically initiated. Make certain you know what your client is going to say in that statement.

32 CFR 884.9 – Requests for custody of members stationed outside the United States.

Despite regulations claiming to expand the rights of those who make complaints, 30 military and civilian studies have shown that women in the service fear they will face career-altering reprisals if they report sexual attacks or harassment; studies and the experience of civilian attorneys and counselors show that these fears are well grounded.

At the same time, administrative discharge board members and reviewing authorities knowor can be told of these effects 363208 will sometimes consider them reasons for lenient treatment.


Reasons to Fight for Retention Servicemembers facing an ADB Procedure may want to challenge the discharge 363208 fight for retention, or may simply want a better character of discharge. Occasionally, this may be the position qfi the command, and occasionally the person who makes the threat may know it is true.

This is particularly true when members who performed well under the stress of training and combat suddenly experience problems in the more relaxed atmosphere of their home bases. However, it is common for commands to subject members to disciplinary action and then avi administrative discharge, based either on the underlying act of misconduct or the fact of conviction. While the overall success rates for discharge upgrades and other discharge review cases are not high, applications with well-documented responses at the discharge level often have greater chances of success.

Most concealment involving prior criminal activity, medical conditions or treatment, or educational level results in a General discharge at the worst, so that the Notification Procedure is used.

Anything less than fully Honorable discharge mean loss of GI bill benefits in most cases. The service regulations are in accord. Discharge documents showing OTH characterization, or stating that the reason for discharge was a personality disorder or misconduct, create significant employment problems. As a basic approach to ADBs, you must convince the board members that they can follow the regulations and give your client the desired result.

Representation by military counsel is available throughout the proceeding, rather than just in the initial decision to demand or waive rights.

Severance Pay requirments? PT Failure admin discharge – Page 2

But you can even the playing field a bit by thorough research and preparation. Misconduct cases are sometimes the result of complaints about sexual harassment or sexual assault. Notification Procedure Discharges First Steps: Then he goes back to the psychologist when he feels he is losing it. The service of airmen discharged for unsatisfactory performance will be characterized as honorable or general instructions for service characterization in Chapter 1, Section 1B, 36-2308.

Common Reasons for Involuntary Discharge Misconduct discharge is a very common result of the service history described above.

These 36-208 often mask more serious psychological, neurological or other medical problems that warrant disability discharge or retirement.

Representing Servicemembers in Involuntary Discharge Proceedings | The Military Law Task Force

With the ADB procedure, soldiers are notified of a broader set of rights, including: Similarly, victims of racial harassment or discrimination, or mistreatment based on religious, cultural or ethnic status, whether or not they complain about mistreatment, may also face involuntary discharge proceedings based on allegedly poor performance or the most minor of disciplinary problems.


This period also saw the development of transition programs to provide career counseling and short-term transitional benefits to retirees and discharges. They may hear that demanding their rights will extend the time of discharge processing by many months.

A young man enlists in the Marines during high school on promises of valuable training as a mechanic. If psychiatric problems afj at issue, and no civilian evaluation was obtained for the discharge proceedings, servicemembers should have a 363-208 evaluation as soon after discharge as 366-3208. Generally, service regs mention non-attorney counsel only as an alternative to an attorney; the common understanding is that this provision is used when members really want a particular military person to represent them and are willing to waive attorney counsel.

A member need not be qualified for reserve duty to meet this condition of eligibility aafi separation pay. Be a colleague, not an opponent. Then I meet with the client to go over the statement, aci it does not include inappropriate material, that it includes those things that need to be said, and then have the client practice the statement.

The regulations do not specifically state that counsel should be made available to assist in preparing a statement in response to the discharge. When these cases, or sexual harassment or discrimination cases, fall within the purview of military Equal Opportunity EO regulations,31 it is sometimes useful or necessary to file complaints within that system before raising the issue in the discharge proceedings, although EO is poorly designed for individual remedies.

The services sometimes established and even year retirement programs to encourage retirement.

It refers to Encl. A provision of the National Defense Authorization Act provides some additional protection to women subjected to retaliatory 36-328 discharges after making sexual assault complaints.