Eloise. What secrets did she take to her grave? By Judy Finnigan After her best friend Eloise dies from breast cancer, Cathy is devastated. Eloise by Judy Finnigan. Kate Saunders. October 6 , am, The Times. Cathy is shattered when her best friend, Eloise, dies from breast cancer. But she . It was almost inevitable that Judy Finnigan, one half of television’s ‘Richard and Judy’, a couple who have done so much to promote books and their authors.

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It’s all very twee and not all that fitting to a story where she was presumably trying to create a dark sense of threat and foreboding. I really liked the character of Cathy, I felt a huge emotional attachment to her, and throughout the story I willed her to persevere with what she thought was right, finniyan to carry on going, even though she had opposition.

This is her first novel. Didn’t work as a ghost story either – not scary! A warm and promising debut — Daily Mail.

Eloise by Judy Finnigan | The Times

May 20, Lisa rated it did not like it. They are still deeply in love finnihan the pragmatic psychiatrist believes his wife is being selfish and focussing only on herself.

Being totally honest I don’t think I would, in fact it’s kind of put me off giving Richard Madeley’s book a go too. Read the full eloisw. Jun 18, zenbren rated it it was ok Shelves: In fact I’ve ujdy several different covers for this book. Ratings and Reviews 2 30 star ratings 2 reviews. With hindsight, three stars is probably quite generous The plot, characters, terminology and setting are at odds with each other, I so wanted to really like this book and it does have much to enjoy, however the pace is not consistent and some of the characters are just not believable.


When Eloise begins to appear to her in her dreams, trying to convince her that her children are in terrible danger, Cathy finds it difficult to turn to anyone for help without appearing crazy and disturbed — even her finngan Chris is doubting her sanity.

On a scorching summer afternoon in the suburbs of Florence, flnnigan small girl goes missing at a crowded swimming pool and is never seen alive again. The constant harping on about motherly love was just too much, I understood that she loved her children and that Eloise loved her children and that Juliana loved her children – yawn yawn yawn.

Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access. Plot was eminently guessable and worked out early on.

Eloise by Judy Finnigan

We appreciate your feedback. Would I read a book two? But most annoying of all is the constant harping on about how bloody great Elloise where the story is set is.

I really didn’t find it spooky either. It wasn’t ghostly or spooky, was it meant to be a mystery or a thriller I don’t know but it finniyan succeed on either. I very much enjoyed Eloise, I was gripped from the first few pages and always wanted to read on to find out more. Eloise then begins to appear to Cathy in her dreams and sometimes when she’s awake too and implores Cathy to save her young daughters from some terrible danger that Eloise rather unhelpfully doesn’t explain.

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Book review: Eloise by Judy Finnegan

When Cathy tells Chris of her suspicions about Eloise’s She was a daughter, a wife, a mother. The voice of JF kept coming through as though she was interviewing someone on This Morning. She was a daughter, a wife, a mother.

I have to admit I felt a certain degree of ambiguity toward this read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Her best friend Eloise dies of cancer and she seems to finbigan haunted by her spirit telling her that her Eloise’s children are in danger.

You might also like: The Secrets of the Judt Family’s Health. Repeatedly we hear about her suffering from clinical depression, but where is the evidence? I wanted Cathy to share her feelings, the sense of hopelessness she feels on judyy, the blackness engulfing her with every step she takes, her sense of isolation, of living in a world apart from her peers, of being separated from the joys of life by an invisible wall, a heavy cloud bearing down on her.

But she has visions in which Eloise is trying to tell her something.