In questo pratico manuale viene presentata una sintesi delle promesse fatte da Gesù a santa Brigida di Svezia e a tutti coloro che reciteranno con fede queste.

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Le preghiere di 12 anni di Santa Brigida | Jesus Maria site

Fece molti pellegrinaggi in santuari italiani, venendo anche a Benevento, Amalfi, Napoli. Just consider these benefits: From now on we promise to lead a Christlike life: Your Mother, Maria the Mystic Rose. The Passion of the Christ. Take God back into your homes, pray my Holy Rosary, as the family that prays together stays together. Divine Heart of Jesus, preside over our family gatherings; bless all our family brigidw, both spiritual and temporal. My Son is reviled in His Divinity through the impure and unworthy hands of My lay children.

None will be left unaided. Sanctify our joys and comfort us in our sorrows. You will be King of our hearts by our generous love for You; and we will cultivate this love by the frequent reception of You in Holy Communion.

It was a sign for the Wise men. I tell you this because the instruments of Evil, are using technology to slowly poisoning young souls through games, music, movies, videos, TV shows and literature loaded with subliminal si that are driving many to spiritual and even physical death”. The increasing blasphemies and persecution of my just people offend Me. I want to atone for the many crimes committed against Jesus and you.


To you I entrust all that I have, all that I am. Thousands of Consecrated Hosts are sold and depending on the Minister of the Church who consecrated Them, in order to determine their price. Remember that you are living in times of darkness and must be attentive brugida all that your children see, play read and listen.

Le preghiere di 12 anni di Santa Brigida

The Grace of God, in Person and through the Sacraments, will assist you at the very last instant of your life on Earth. Maria Lr the Apocalypse. Leave lw conveniences and fulfill the Ministerial Priesthood that has been conferred on you! Go to Mass on the first Friday of the month, have a Confession needed if your soul is in mortal sinreceive the Holy Eucharist, for nine consecutive months without skipping one first Friday or you have to start over.

Evil one’s minions to create havoc and destruction to your planet Sep 17, Jesus Maria. Whoever will act according to my Will, will be safe. The person who prays ci 15 Prayers every day for one year, without skipping one day, will know the day of his death 15 days before and will have the grace of the salvation of his soul and more Dress Properly in God’s House.


You will rule over our minds through our deep and living faith. Ask God and the Blessed Mother to help you know the ogazioni and to be at peace.

The representation must be blessed and consecrated by a priest. Parents, pay much attention to brihida video games that your children play as many of them are filled with occult rituals and actions with the sole purpose of opening the minds of your children and youth to violence, trespassing, sex, drugs, homosexuality, prostitution and murder. Planned Parenthood Jun 15, Jesus Maria.

Acqua di Cristo, liberami da ogni pena meritata per i miei peccati e spegni le fiamme del Purgatorio per me e per tutte le anime purganti. I tell you that by doing this what you are opening are the doors of Hell.

Pray for Jamaica, it will be greatly purified. It was also a sign to snata the night when my Beloved Son Jesus was born into the world. I want to be pure like you.